In machining, turning is a reductive process that rotates the workpiece while cutting away excess material. A lathe or turning machine rotates the workpiece at a high rate of speed. Cutting tools are then fed to the piece at carefully calculated locations and angles to create precision cuts to achieve a final design shape. Scrap materials, known as chips, are directed away from the machine for recycling or disposal.

Standard turning centers offer an ideal method for producing prototypes and small runs of cylindrical parts. In contrast, full machining centers offer more versatile turning and milling capabilities for higher-volume production. Our machine shop at Phoenix Precision Machining includes twelve turning centers, Ten CNC Machine Centers, and 1 Robot, enabling us to provide single-source manufacturing services to customers across industries. We can work with an expansive range of materials, such as aluminum, die castings, non-ferrous metals, plastics, and steel.


Our Capabilities

We mount most workpieces horizontally in our live tool turning center. We can load milling center tools into our turning center lathes, which offers additional versatility. While we most frequently use automated CNC equipment, our highly skilled machinists are adept at hard-milling and hard-turning operations, granting a high level of precision and customization capabilities that not every turning provider can offer.

Our equipment portfolio includes the following CNC turning centers, with a maximum 12-inch diameter:

  • Doosan Puma 2100YII Live Tooling (2) (16×20)
  • Feeler FTC-150 (10×16)
  • SMT SL500M Live Tooling (10×16)
  • Doosan Lynx 220L (2) (12×21)
  • Doosan Lynx 220 (12×13)
  • Doosan Lynx 2100L (3) (13×21)
  • Nakamura WT250 YII twin spindle with live tooling 10×22
  • Doosan 1800 TTSY twin spindle with live tooling and bar feed 11×30

We use our turning centers to create various rounded parts, such as bowls, discs, filters, and housings. Our skilled team of technicians can handle custom work with very high precision, and all have been fully cross-trained on turning and milling operations to ensure they can oversee any project. Our capabilities and quality assurance standards at Phoenix Precision Machining make us an ideal manufacturer for industries that value accuracy and top-notch results.

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