Quality AssuranceOur team at Phoenix Precision Machining has extensive experience providing single-source manufacturing solutions to customers in numerous industries. Unlike many machine shops, our company leadership all have a machining background, ensuring that they understand the complexities of running a machining operation.

We prioritize quality assurance on every order by visually inspecting each component and gathering additional metrics to verify tolerances and design compliance. Our team also cleans every part before shipping so that our customers can use their items immediately upon delivery. The Phoenix Precision Machining team will label or barcode all orders as required, and we can deliver locally or ship using the customer’s carrier of choice.


Our Quality Assurance Process

At Phoenix Precision Machining, we’ve implemented quality assurance (QA) into each step of our machining processes. Our QA capabilities offer the following:

  • Automated Coordinate Measuring Machines (4 CMMs). Coordinate Measuring Machines, we check all parts in-process to ensure they adhere to design requirements. While many of our competitors use manual CMMs that don’t allow for easy part-checking at every production stage, our CMMs are fully automated and programmable. This functionality removes the risk of human error from the QA process and increases the accuracy of every part and component we fabricate.
  • Early defect identification. Despite our comprehensive quality assurance capabilities, our ultimate goal is finding and preventing issues before they ever reach the final QA review.
  • An experienced QA team. Our three-person QA department has more than 40 years of combined experience verifying parts for compliance and accuracy.
  • Final inspections on third-party providers. We check every order before shipping to vendors for finishing or other processes, then perform an additional inspection when the order returns to us before we ship it to our customer.
  • Certifications. We can provide COC, CPK, and CQA documentation to prove that all parts meet client requirements. These services trace dimensions and tolerances to ensure compliance with specific regulations and industry standards.
  • FAIR paperwork. We have the ability to provide FAIR paperwork for your needs, which many in our industry cannot and will not be able to deliver.


Quality Policy

Phoenix Precision Machining will provide products and services that meet all requirements and expectations of our customers, and meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2015/AS9100 D. We are further committed to continuous improvement process. Quality Objectives and the Quality Policy are communicated throughout the company. Quality and productivity improvement is a continuing goal of Phoenix Precision Machining and is the concerns and responsibility of every employee.

To see how we can help support your project with guaranteed quality machining, please contact us today.