Computer numerical control (CNC) machining centers offer versatility and precision to any machine shop. CNC machining centers provide the ability to conduct operations such as milling, turning, drilling, and more. With operations on multiple axes, many of these functions can be performed simultaneously to shorten production time. With more advanced tooling capabilities than standard machine tools or lathes, CNC machine tools facilitate the high-volume production of geometrically complex components within tight tolerances.


Our Capabilities

At Phoenix Precision Machining, our equipment portfolio includes the following CNC machining centers:

  • Doosan DNM 5700 (40X20X20)
  • Doosan DNM 5700S w/5 Axis Rotary Table (40X20X20)
  • Fanuc Robodrill D221liAS (21x14x20)
  • Fanuc Robodrill D21LiAs 10k w/4 Axis Rotary Table (21x14x20)
  • Fanuc RoboDrill Mate (15x14x20)
  • Fanuc RoboDrill T21 DL w/5 Axis Rotary Table (21x14x20)
  • Doosan DNM 500 II w/5 Axis Rotary Table (40X20X20)
  • Fanuc RoboDrill D21LiB5 adv w/5 Axis Rotary Table (21X14X20)
  • DVF 5000 simultaneous 5 Axis Milling 19” Rotary Table
  • DNM 5700II (40X20X20)
  • Robot

The majority of our customers place repetitive orders that require multiple production runs. We offer competitive pricing that makes larger orders more affordable. We can also warehouse blanket orders and ship in smaller quantities to support lean inventory methodologies when needed.

We offer rush production on everything from prototyping to large-volume production runs, but most of the orders we work with are in the medium-volume range. Our machines operate 24 hours per day, allowing us to quickly turn around order volumes of any size. Our software-driven schedules allow us to operate at maximum efficiency.


Expert Technicians

The team at Phoenix Precision Machining is built around our skilled machinists and technicians, who are fully cross-trained on all machining and turning equipment that we use. With decades of combined industry experience, our team will analyze your design and make cost-saving recommendations when available.

We understand that aesthetics are just as important as quality when it comes to consumer-facing products. All parts are visually inspected for dings & scratches, in addition to our quality assurance testing for functionality. Our machinists are supported by our stringent quality assurance team, and we use Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) during production in our quality assurance lab. We can provide numerous certifications and will facilitate 100% inspection when appropriate. 

We work within very tight tolerances and possess a variety of brand new equipment, including 5-axis machinery. We can also handle secondary services within our own shop and use a vetted network of trusted vendors for any external jobs.



We have access to a variety of materials to suit your needs. We can also source materials from the United States, complete with the necessary documentation for traceability purposes. We can also provide products to various material specifications, such as mercury-free. Typical materials we work with include:

  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Plastic
  • Super Alloys

We can handle orders of all volumes and regularly conduct multiple production runs for our clients. Not only do we have the resources to handle high-volume in-house requests, but we also have the ability to outsource complete projects as needed. Our network of trusted vendor partners have proven themselves over time, and will help with an integrated production plan to meet your deadlines.

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